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Q: Where can I download the shopper app?

A: We are available on the App Store & Google Play.

Q: How can I register my shop with 1receipt®?

A: We’re excited to hear you’re interested! Registration for retailers is extremely easy and we detail it all here.

Q: Where can I download the retailer software?

A: 1receipt®is currently available for Windows only. We we will be launching to other platforms very soon.

Q: What places is 1receipt® available in?

A: Unfortunately, 1receipt® is currently only available in Australia but we will be launching in other countries soon.

Q: Am I able to invest in 1receipt®?

A: Yes! If you would like to invest in 1receipt®, please send your proposal here and we will be happy to take a look.

Q: Do I have to share my email or phone number when using 1receipt® at a participating store?

A: Not at all! The great thing about 1receipt® is that you can get all your receipts without sharing any personal information with the store. All you have to do is scan your app and you’re done!

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